Developing project applications for grants provided by EU programs and other international funds.

Scope and methods
  • Analyzing the EU funding opportunities, tailored to the client’s specific needs and business plans.
  • Presenting the opportunities and limitations of the relevant program concerning the client’s business idea.
  • Assessing the client’s grant eligibility with regard to the particular program and fund criteria, and, if needed, preparing steps/plan to enhance and adjust the company’s capacity required to receive grants.
  • Once decided to launch the development of a European project:
  • Managing the entire process, including preparation of the project application, realization of the funded project, performance reporting, and disbursement of the grant.
  • Developing the full project proposal in conformity with the requirements of the funding program, meeting all eligibility, technical, and financial criteria.
  • Preparing all necessary documents related to the application form, business planning, justification, analyses, etc.
  • Providing consultations and coordinating the preparation of all other administrative documents needed for the project.
  • Preparing the entire project documentation to be submitted in the form required by the financing institution.
  • Providing consultations and support to the client during the application evaluation process in case of questions and requests for further information by the evaluating grant-making institution.
  • Providing consultations when signing the grant agreement for the already approved project proposal. 

Management of successful projects

  • Overall management of the project implementation.
  • Developing all expert documents required by the funding institution in the course of project implementation.
  • Managing the communication between the funding institution and the client.
  • Providing consultations and support needed for proper accounting and financial management of the project.
  • Providing consultations for the preparation of tender documentation and implementation of tender procedures when spending the grant.
  • Providing consultations regarding the project visibility.
  • Preparing and supporting the overall reporting on the completed project until the final payment of the grant instalments.