The LIFE Programme ( is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. The main goal of the LIFE program is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental and climate policy and legislation by co-financing projects with European added value.
In the program period 2014-2020, the LIFE Program has been structured in two sub-programs: SUB-PROGRAMME FOR ENVIRONMENT and SUB-PROGRAMME FOR CLIMATE ACTION.
The projects, eligible for co-funding under the LIFE Program have been classified in four main categories:
  • Traditional projects:  best practice, innovation and demonstration projects, as well as dissemination/information projects and governance projects (similar to LIFE+)
  • Integrated projects: projects aiming at the implementation of plans and strategies required by EU legislation in the areas of nature, water, waste, air
  • Preparatory projects: projects identified by the Commission to support specific needs for the implementation and development of EU environmental or climate policy and legislation
  • Capacity building projects: financial support to the activities required to build the capacity of Member States with a view to enabling their more effective participation in LIFE
LIFE multiannual work program for 2014-2020 is available at

The SUB-PROGRAMME FOR CLIMATE ACTION covers three priority areas:
                • Climate Change Mitigation
                • Climate Change Adaptation
                • Climate Governance and Information