• Planning the management of NATURA 2000 sites.
  • Planning the management of protected areas.
  • Developing strategic documents in the Biodiversity and Environment sector.
  • Developing Appropriate Assessments of investment plans and projects regarding the conservation objectives and the subject of protection of the NATURA 2000 sites.
  • Developing Environmental Assessments of programs, plans, and projects.
  • Developing Environmental Impact Assessments of investment plans and projects.
  • GIS analyses and modelling for conservation, restoration and management of biodiversity, protected areas, NATURA 2000 sites, etc.
  • Surveys and monitoring of natural habitats and vegetation.
  • Surveys and monitoring of mammals and bats, ornithofauna, herpetofauna, invertebrates, and fish.
  • Developing programs for individual water monitoring.
  • Analyses and assessments in the sectors Biodiversity, Forestry, Water, etc.
  • Ecosystem services and green infrastructure.
  • Preparing and implementing projects funded by OP Environment, LIFE, and other funding instruments and programs.
  • Drawing up business plans for business initiatives related to sustainable natural resource use.
  • Providing expert assistance, training, assessments, plans, position papers, statements, etc.