Procedure “Find me”

Procedure “Find me”
Priority axis 2 “Reducing poverty and encouraging social inclusion”

Description:                         Preventing institutionalization, promoting social inclusion of disadvantaged children and young people, including those with disabilities and at risk, housed in residential services, by implementing measures to build self-sufficiency, learning and working skills, and support for personal development.
Beneficiaries:                      NGOs; social service providers
Eligible costs:                     Staff costs
Fixed assets costs
Service costs
Publicity costs
Indirect costs
Eligible activities:             Development and/or implementation of programs for individual and group work to support the personal development and social inclusion of children and youth accommodated in residential services.
Support for local social activities for social inclusion, incl. through targeted actions intended for children and young people resident in residential services.
Co-funding:                         100%
Submission deadline:        March 2017 - May 2017
Min. co-funding rate:        BGN 50 000
Max. co-funding rate:       BGN 150 000