Procedure “Training of employed individuals”

Procedure “Training of employed individuals”
Priority axis 1 “Improving access to employment and enhancing the quality of jobs”

Description:                         Enhancing the ability of employees to face changes in the labor market resulting from globalization, technological change, aging. Providing training for employees working in micro, small, medium and large enterprises. Raising the adequacy of their skills in line with the current business needs and creating conditions for sustainable employment in jobs of better quality.
Beneficiaries:                      Employers, social partners
Eligible costs:                     Training costs
Publicity costs
Indirect costs
Eligible activities:             Training to acquire or enhance the professional qualification of employed individuals.
Key competency training for Key Competency 2 "Foreign Language Communication" and Key Competence 4 "Digital Competence".
Co-funding:                         up to 100%
Submission deadline:        January 2017 – March 2017
Min. co-funding rate:        up to 15 000
Max. co-funding rate:       up to BGN 391 166